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The Procomm Plus INI file (PW5.INI for version 4.8, PWx.INI where x=1 through 4 for previous versions) holds many pieces of information about your Procomm Plus installation. Over the years, several additional INI entries have been added to expand functionality or work around problems. Many of the INI entries are documented in the README file, but I have found that several older INI entries are no longer documented in more recent versions of Procomm Plus. This page lists the remaining INI entries that are still valid in version 4.8, but have slipped through the cracks. I have tested the INI entries from the README files of previous versions of the program, and believe the INI entries below are those that are still of use with the current product. All INI entries must be under the proper section of the INI file (usually the [Options] section). If the required section is not present in your INI file, add it to the end of the file.

If you print the screen and receive either color or shaded output, you can add PrintNoColor=1 to the [Options] section of the INI file to ensure that all output is black and white. This INI entry was added in version 2.x.

In later versions of Procomm Plus, the program communicated to the modem through Windows' TAPI layer instead of directly communicating with the hardware. To talk directly to the modem again, modem command mode was introduced. Modem command mode can be turned on via its menu item (Data | Modem Command Mode) or an ASPECT command (commandmode ON/OFF). However, when the current modem connection is disconnected for whatever reason, modem command mode is turned off. An INI entry, UserCmdModeExit, was added to version 4.8 to workaround this issue. Placing this INI entry under the [Options] section and setting it to 1 will cause modem command mode to remain on after a call has been disconnected.

If you need to communicate at a baud rate not supported by Procomm Plus, you can add the BaudRate INI entry under the [Options] section. The value assigned to this INI entry will replace the 110 baud rate in Procomm Plus. I have not tested this INI entry, other than verifying that the 110 baud rate value in the Quick Select Line is indeed changed to the value I specified in the INI file. This INI entry is valid for version 3.0 of Procomm Plus and higher.

An alternate method of raw printing in version 4.8 can be used if AltRawPrint=1 is added to the [settings] section of PW5.INI. See the version 4.8 README file for more information on this INI entry.

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