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Before performing any modifications to the host script source files, remember to make backup copies of all files in the HOST subdirectory under the ASPECT directory of your Procomm Plus install.

All enhancements listed on this page are intended for use with Procomm Plus version 4.8. It is somewhat likely that these modifications will work with earlier versions of the program (primarily 4.0 through 4.7), but I have not investigated this possibility.

After you have made any changes to the source files, you will need to recompile the file _HOST.WAS in the HOST subdirectory for a new host script to be created.

One useful modification that can be made to the host script is adding the ability to shut down the script at a specified time. For example, this can be useful if you want to make sure that the host script is not running after-hours at a business. To do so, open SUBS.WAS and go to the WaitForCall procedure at line 375. Add the following lines under the variable declaration section:

integer iYear, iMonth, iDay, iHour, iMin, iSec 
integer iExitHour =
integer iExitMin =

Place the hour (in military time) that you wish the script to exit after the equals sign following iExitHour. Similarly, assign the minute of the time that you want the script to exit to iExitMin.

Next, scroll down to the DayChange() procedure call at approximately line 459. Add the following lines after the procedure call:

ltimeints $LTIME iYear iMonth iDay iHour iMin iSec
if iHour >= iExitHour
if iMin >= iExitMin

Now that you have made your changes, recompile _HOST.WAS to create an updated script. One limitation to keep in mind is that the host script will exit only when no one is connected. If the hour and minute you specify arrive but a caller is still online, the host script will be closed after they disconnect.

Another alternative to the above code is to use a waituntil command specifying the proper time in the same location.

If you have used the host script in previous versions of Procomm Plus and then upgraded to version 4.8, you will find that users are not recognized when logging into the new version of the host script (assuming you have copied your host user file, HOST40.USR, to the new installation). This is due to Symantec commenting out several strupr commands in the script. Previous versions of the host script converted user names and passwords to all uppercase, but version 4.8 does not. You can restore the functionality of the previous version by editing SUBS.WAS, USER.WAS, and MAIL45.WAS in the HOST subdirectory under the ASPECT directory. Search for strupr and remove the semi-colon from the front of all lines that have been commented out. Recompile _HOST.WAS to compile an updated host script.

If you would like the host script to automatically delete files after a user has downloaded them, here are a couple possible ways to do so. If the user is not specifying files to download with a wildcard, then the command "delfile filename" can be added at line 1318 (just after strfmt msg DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS filename) of _HOST.WAS in the \ASPECT\host directory under your Procomm install.

If the downloaded files are specified using a wildcard, then the change is a little more involved. First, add "string sUploadPath, sCmdLine, sPath2" at line 1128 (after integer calledfrom=1) of _HOST.WAS. Next, at line 1318 (just after strfmt msg DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS filename), add the following lines:

fetch upldpath sUploadPath
shortpath sUploadPath sPath2
strfmt sCmdLine "del %s\%s" sPath2 filename
dos sCmdLine MINIMIZED
pause 15

You may need to adjust the delay value of the pause command, depending on your environment.

This document maintained by John Schultz. Material Copyright © 2002-2017
Procomm Plus and ASPECT are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation