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If your script is somewhat large, you may receive the following error message during compilation: Far Calls required (use /F command line option). Your script will work properly - the warning is just to alert you that a different compilation process was undertaken.

You can eliminate the warning by forcing the ASPECT compiler to use the /F flag all the time. To do this, bring up the ASPECT Editor, select the Tools | Compiler Options menu item, and add /F to the Additional Options and Macro Definition (saved) edit field.

Here is some additional information on the /F flag from the developer of ASPECT:

The /F option generates 4-byte procedure and function addresses as opposed to 2-byte addresses. Thus /F requires each procedure/function call to fetch an additional two bytes from the .WAX file to determine the target location. This overhead translates into greater .WAX file sizes as well as a slight performance degradation. The fact that ASPECT is an interpreted language (i.e. not compiled to native CPU code bytes), and that it shares execution time on the same thread as the rest of Procomm, is probably more significant than any decline in performance, except in the most unusual cases. In fact, I had thought more than once about making /F ("far calls") the default and providing a "near call" command line option instead. Also, the warning is issued by the compiler is not something the user really needs to worry about. It causes the compiler to repeat a pass through the source, and the overall compilation to take a bit longer, but that's it. There are no other concerns or side-effects to worry about.

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